In Britain Young People face the challenge of finding relevant jobs or offers according to their location, age, and skills. The client wants to help young people find the right opportunities to start their career and enables organisations to find the right candidates for jobs, courses and just show relevant news, articles that will facilitate the search. So, our customer decided to create a user-friendly application that will easily cover young people and organisation needs and have a clear competitive advantage and give the same opportunities for people of different backgrounds.
Web Solution
The web platform was created to facilitate job postings for the companies, to make their platform experience more convenient and accessible. The web solution provides a user-friendly interface for statistics, analytics, and data management.

The admin panel provides an opportunity to verify new users and resolve any issues that arise during the interaction with the platform.
Mobile Solution
We provided an innovative application for the searching process that is convenient and easy-to-use to get relevant results. It also helps organizations use better experience with posting their job offers where young people can easily apply.

Moreover, young people get to exchange their opinions on the current job opportunities and companies available on the platform in real real-life chats. The users can make posts, share their news, and comment on other users’ posts. This allows creating a community of like-minded people.

Business Tasks We Have Solved

Competitive Advantage

Fast profile creation with video CVs, simple job search make this app stand out.

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Customer Base Increase

Profiles, and Opportunity options engage young person. Sharing option helps them spread the news and attract other people.

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Customer Retention

The mobile apps engage people much more than a website version, especially for a young person.

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Online Presence

2 apps (Android, iOS) and web help young persons find the best opportunity immediately online.

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Other modules

  • Admin Panel
  • Push Notifications
  • Problem Reporting
  • News
  • Recommendations
  • Follow people feature
  • Filters
  • Skills/Interests/Hobbies

Core Technologies Used

Web: Laravel/PHP, MySQL, React.js, CSS, HTML

iOS: Flutter

Android: Flutter

Third-Party Integrations

Proactive communication app that helps connect young people with big companies. This app allows each young person to find a job opportunity according to his/her personality and find like-minded people for the career community. A key feature for VizableU is that it will make recommendations to young people about relevant opportunities and companies.
6 Months of development

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Nataliia Rud

Nataliia Rud
Business Development manager

Yulia Deretskaya

Yulia Deretskaya
Business Development manager

Vladimir Terekhov

Vladimir Terekhov

Ivan Mashey

Ivan Mashey

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